About Us

Mission Statement

MC Electric Vehicles exists to help our customers be more environmentally friendly and socially responsible by doing what we do best. We take absolute pride in providing unparalleled customer service, offering competitively priced products, which are not only environmentally friendly, but of the highest quality. We value treating others as we would like to be treated, for it is the happiest principle by which to live by and the most intelligent principle by which to do business. We are here to make a difference in the community and the world we live in, one business, one person, one neighborhood, one electric vehicle at a time!


MC Electric Vehicles offers people a new way to drive. We like to say we are changing the world one car at a time and we really are. The electric cars that we have sold have not only changed the way that their owners drive, but the way they live. These cars give our owners a way to further connect to the green lifestyle, offers them a chance to slow down (at only 35mph, there is no more racing through life), and really gives them an opportunity to be an example for other people. Eric Bennett, a ZENN owner, says "It shatters what a persons perceptions are about what an automobile is. That is what is so neat about it."

Established in 2003

In 2003, our founders saw a need to move away from current automotive trends and towards automobiles that are easier on our environment, thus MC Electric Vehicles was born. We are proud to be able to call ourselves the #1 electric vehicle dealer in the Northwest!


Mc Electric Vehicles
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