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  • "I recently purchased a ZENN car from MC Electric Vehicles. I'm very pleased with the car, it is working out well for me, as I usually drive about 15 miles per day. It's great to not have to use a full-sized car for short trips, and I find driving the ZENN less stressful, as I tend to drive on smaller side streets. Dealing with the people at MCEV was a pleasure, they have been very helpful since I purchased the car. Highly recommended!"

    Overall Rating:
    Richard Twomey - Seattle, WA
  • "I love, love, LOVE my ZENN! I love it so much that not only do I drive it most days of the week, but I also wrote a SONG about it!"

    Overall Rating:
    Deb Seymour - Seattle, WA
  • "I have been driving a 2007 model Zenn electric automobile for several years in Seattle... I purchased my NEV from MC Electric in the 2008 model year. As several years have passed since then, my wife and I have discovered that we drive about half of our total annual mileage in our Zenn. This is surprisingly more than we had imagined when we bought it, and we are pleased with the utility and economy of this car. We were also thrilled when we calculated the change it has made in our carbon footprint."

    Overall Rating:
    George R. - Seattle, WA
  • "It shatters what a persons perceptions are about what an automobile is. That is what is so neat about it."

    Overall Rating:
    Eric B. - Seattle, WA
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