- Meeting the stringent performance standards and image of the professional.

-At T3 Motion, Inc., we believe that our technology should be a benefit to both our professional end-users and the environment. Our zero gas emissions all-electric vehicle, the T3 Series, proves clean energy is cost-effective.

T3 Patroller

T3 Powersport

The T3 Patroller is the perfect vehicle for making security rounds. The Patroller delivers high "mpg" equivalent, long battery run time, short recharge time, and plug 'n play battery modules.  It is agile, easy to operate and is quick in responding to emergencies. The Patroller is great for a variety of environments, both in and outdoor.

T3 offers the Powersport for consumers. The T3 Powersport product is 100% electric, powered by lithium batteries that have the capability to drive up to 25 miles on a single charge. Additionally, the T3 Powersport has a top speed of 18 mph, an elevated 9-inch platform and high intensity LED lighting.

Vantage Trucks and Vans - 

-Vantage Trucks and Vans offers leading-edge, Made-in-America AC motors and controllers with lead-acid or lithium battery systems.

-These industry-leading, street-legal vehicles are ideal for fleet operations and a wide range of other users. Available in configurations including extended cab pickup, 5-passenger crew cab pickup, 7-passenger and cargo van. Ask about GSA pricing for qualified buyers.

Vantage - Extended Pickup - starts at $19,950

Vantage - Crew Cab Pickup - starts at $20,950 

This reliable 25 mph pickup has a 1,000 lb. capacity and is available with scissor-lift, dump-bed, and other configurations including assorted canopies, ladder racks and more. With a 5-passenger capacity, this truck can deliver personnel and goods at a steady 25 mph.

Vantage - 7-Passenger Van - starts at $20,950 

Vantage - Cargo Van - starts at $20,950 

This van is ideal for moving crew, showing properties and touring campuses or facilities. Removing the second and/or third row of seats provides a multi-purpose cargo and passenger van. An all-electric cargo van with sliding doors on both sides provides quick access to tools and materials. Available options include roof-mounted strobe lights, ladder racks and more.


- The Firefly ESV (Essential Services Vehicle) is a zero-emission, high-performance, low-cost, low-maintenance, affordable electric vehicle created specifically to meet the needs of the essential services market, including parking enforcement, security, delivery and maintenance applications. MC Electric Vehicles, in collaboraton with the City of Seattle, were significant contributors to the vehicles original unique design.

-The Firefly ESV is capable of speeds over 50 mph with a range of approximately 100 miles between charges. The 2017 model provides a number of enhancements since its original introduction in 2012, including advanced on-board telematics and an optional hydraulic lift dump.




Parking Control


The Firefly ESV is Ready to Serve and Protect. The Firefly ESV is Manageable in all Environments.

Small Package Delivery


Grounds Maintenance


The Firefly ESV Truly Delivers. The FireFly ESV is Durable and Ready to Work.