We service all makes and models of electric vehicles - including industrial and commerical. We also do conversions to lithium battery packs.

In order to better serve our customers, our Service Department is now open on Saturday from 9am thru 5pm. Please schedule an appointment either by phone or online to bring in your electric vehicle for a battery capacity test and a 21 point service inspection.

By phone:
Seattle: 206-328-1750
Portland: 800-732-1108

By email:



Your vehicle is equipped with an onboard charger. This charger has a charging profile matched to the batteries in your vehicle. Please plug the charger in whenever your vehicle is not in use. The charger will keep the batteries fully charged without damaging them. Keeping your batteries fully charged will lengthen battery life and improve vehicle performance.

Cold weather can be harmful to the batteries if they aren't plugged in. Simple preventative measures like storing your vehicle in a heated garage and having the battery fully charged will keep your vehicle running strong. Charging the battery for 30 minutes or more before use will generate heat, providing greater range. You should fully charge your vehicle every night. If a battery is fully charged, it won't freeze until the temperature reaches -60 degrees F.

Housing your electric vehicle indoors, keeping it warm, clean and fully charged will help preserve the vehicle and keep it running smooth for years.



Your batteries are the source of power for your drive system. If batteries are not sufficiently charged, the vehicle may operate intermittently or may fail to operate at all. They should be checked with an accurate voltmeter if vehicle does not operate. Do not rely on the DC battery discharge indicator or the AC Display Panel.