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Service Special - We are offering a preventative maintenance service on any GEM, Columbia, Vantage, ZENN, Wheego all electric vehicles. This special will include at least 14 points for inspection for only $150 plus tax. If you want a full battery balancing for your pack, it will be an additional $150. Pickup and delivery of your vehicle will be extra. Please give us a call at 206-328-1750, or email us at info@mcelectricvehicles.com to schedule an appointment to service your vehicle.

14 Points Inspection Service

  • Check battery balance.
  • Check battery water levels.
  • Tighten battery terminals.
  • Check for worn insulation and frayed wires.
  • Check master cylinder for proper fluid level.
  • Check brake lines for leaks.
  • Check the charger output.
  • Check brake lights and turn signals.
  • Check the rubber gear covers for cracks.
  • Check the rolling resistance.
  • Check parking brake.
  • Check for differential oil leaks.
  • Check tire pressure and wear.
  • Check seat belts.